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Almost one million acres Over four hours travel north to south Eight wilderness areas

Connecting towns near and within the Monongahela National Forest, West Virginia.

The MFT partnership was formed to cultivate relations across lands and forest gateway communities that will enhance the economy and quality of life for residents and visitors while sustaining the quality of the environment.

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Lightning in a Beetle: Following Fireflies in the Mon

As the sun falls beneath the rolling Allegheny Mountains and a bright strawberry moon rises into view, I […]

map showing connection between 10 towns map showing connection between 10 towns

Ten towns. Limitless possibilities.

Twelve Towns. Limitless possibilities., Our Twelve Mon Forest Towns each have a unique character and stories that connect them to the forest at differing terrains, elevations, and historic periods. As you take a break from the trail, come see what’s happening and what you may have, Array

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  • "Some of my favorite memories with friends and family are from visits to Mon Forest towns. The area is surrounded with beautiful scenery and those who live there are always welcoming."

    Skylar Spence, Cumberland, MD
  • "The Elkins Augusta music workshops gave me a complete immersion in the heritage arts. I worked shoulder to shoulder with the masters to hone my talents and learn new craft."

    Donna Weems, Morgantown, WV