Mountain Biking the Span Oak Trail

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July 13, 2020

Located only 6.5 miles away from Durbin, West Virginia, is an intermediate single track known as the Span Oak Trail.

The trail is almost 4 miles long and flows downward at an average grade of 7 percent and at a maximum gradient at 23 percent. This trail only climbs 262 feet with the climbing taking place in the slight flow to the trail. At a peak elevation of 4,104 feet, the views are abundant along the way.

The rugged piece of mostly descending trail is perfect for intermediate level mountain bikers. The trail is designated as a blue level of difficulty placing it between the easiest level green, and the harder, more challenging black trails. This allows for a wide variety of riders to enjoy it. The trail head is located on Johns Run Road just outside of Durbin.

The trail features the classic rocky and root covered terrain West Virginia mountain bike tracks are known for. The trail conditions can be muddy regularly due to the frequency of rain in the area. Remember to preserve trails by letting them dry at least one day after significant rainfall. This allows the trail to keep its shape and prevent unwanted impacts on the wildlife in the area.

The trail is a single track so most mountain bikes suited for both up and downhill travel will work well. Suspension is not required but can smooth out the bumps and allow for a faster descent. Safety equipment including a helmet and eye protection is recommended to protect from any obstacles you may encounter on the ride. Also make sure to bring at least one water bottle to stay hydrated for the 4-mile ride.

With parking available at both ends of the trail, it only takes 10-minutes to run a shuttle back to the top. You can also easily connect to the West Fork Trail via a short connecting ride into Burner, WV. Pedaling back up is also a great way to fully enjoy all aspects the Span Oak Trail has to offer. Hiking and Trail Running are also popular activities on the trail.

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GPS Location: 38°35’47.9″N 79°45’45.7″W